This week in car news

Tiny Ford trucks are tiny. Source: Ford

As Covid restrictions ease up and the world gets back to some sort of version of normal, automakers are making sure that as we cruise into the Vaxx Summer of… well not love.. maybe just fun, we’re all reminded that buying a car is freedom and freedom is for sale at your local dealer.

The cheap and awesome Ford Maverick

One of the worst-kept secrets in a while, the Ford Maverick was finally unveiled and with a starting price hovering around $20,000 for a front-wheel-drive hybrid unibody compact pickup, it looks like Ford might have a winner on its hands.

Sure people love the big trucks…

Not every family has multiple iPads and sharing one can be a one-way ticket to awkwardville.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Apple had a commercial once that showed a child using an iPad Pro in fun places like at a shop and up a tree then exclaiming, “what’s a computer?” Yeah, it was a weird flex for a company that makes and sells quite a lot of computers. The general theme was that the iPad Pro is capable of doing most of the things a computer can do and in some cases, do it better because of the touchscreen. Then kids will use and forget all about those pesky computers the olds have been using for decades.

But even with…

All this and ridiculously more in this week’s car news

It’s a 4-Series but with a big ol’ battery. Source: BMW

Remember the BMW i3? It’s a quirky little EV from BMW that looks like the automaker just put a concept car on the road and told the world to deal with it. It’s wonderful and weird and totally underpowered for America’s vast highway system overflowing with large SUVs and mighty pickups.

Well BMW is back with two new (and larger) EVs, the i4 sedan and the iX SUV. Both will be available at the beginning of next year and both will target a range of 300 miles. …

The week in car news

The Hyundai Iobiq 5 is 90’s hatchback-style in an EV SUV. Source: Hyundai

EVs had another big week in the news with Hyundai hitting all the retro feels with more photos and details about its upcoming Ioniq 5, Tesla is removing radar from cars for some weird reason while turning on driver monitoring, Rolls-Royce built a car that looks like a boat because rich people are weird, and Bugatti pitted one of its supercars against a jet. Did I mention rich people are weird?

I Legend-of-Zelda heart Hyundai’s Ioniq 5

Ok, it’s important to be objective here. Also, it’s important that I hide my wallet and cut off access to my 401k because I’m smitten with the Hyundai Ioniq…

The week in car news

Ford F-150 Lightning. So much sparkle! Source: Ford

If there was concern that the electrification of automobiles wouldn’t hit the mainstream, this week definitely squashed those worries. The big news is that Ford unveiled details about the electric version of its incredibly successful F-150 pickup. Then Kia took the wraps off the EV6, Lamborghini announced a plan to electrify its lineup, and McLaren shared details about its upcoming hybrid, the Artura. Plus, Toyota is finally updating the Tundra after what feels like decades.

The number one vehicle in America rides the Lighting

Every industry needs a few turning points. For electric cars, Tesla has been the catalyst for many of the instances that have lead to EVs…

The woman circled the front rows of the theatre, layers of clothing hanging off her like the sails of a ghost ship before settling on a seat in the very front. She laid aside her umbrella, golf bag and the random flotsam she had acquired at some point in her life. Maybe that morning, maybe years ago. Her angry mumbling got a bit louder with profanities bubbling up and filling the auditorium as she seemed to start assembling what appeared to be poles from a tent.

Her manic movements and sudden appearance during the last 20 minutes of the new…

Facebook’s F8 developer conference has yielded very good news for fans of Messenger. You remember Messenger? It was the app Facebook sort of forced you to download to your phone if you wanted to have a private chat with your friends. It’s like the free U2 album of software. You didn’t really want it, but oh well it’s there now so you might as well enjoy the ride.

Prepare yourselves Messenger-loving Millennials (the most coveted of age groups ever to grace the face of the earth), Facebook is adding more features to the chat app. …

I’ve always been intrigued by the hypothetical situation that puts you in front of a diabolical button (I’m guessing it would be red. All diabolical things are red) that when pushed gives you $1 million, but kills a random person. Sure you’re rich (well not by SF standards), but some poor person lost their life.

The reality is, that to end a life you have to push more than a single ominous button. You have to push 10.

In April my biological father (Barry) fell ill. His heart stopped briefly and his brain was starved of oxygen for possibly 20…

(This is from 2011 or so)

At this exact moment, I’m certain a man in my hometown is calling me that to his coworkers. I’m sure his story is vastly different from my own. I’m sure in his version of the event, I’m wearing a rainbow shirt, prancing about to disco and the scariest part, I’m probably wearing short shorts.

I apologize for the mental image of me in short shorts I just conjured in your head.

Here’s my version of the story.

I grew up in a small town. I bet you have that John Mellencamp song stuck in…


Food, water, and shelter get top billing when it comes to survival, but it’s breathing that really matters. Sure, without the others you will die.

After three hours of horrible weather, the body will shut down.

After three days of no water, the body will shut down.

After three weeks — that’s right, weeks — of no food, the body will, well, you get the point.

But breathing, after only a few minutes, you’re dead. And while those other hours, days, and weeks can be horrendous, it’s those minutes that could be the most terrifying of your life.


Roberto Baldwin

Automotive and tech reporter. Lead singer of @nascum. Host of Roll on YouTube.

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