The week in car news

The Hyundai Iobiq 5 is 90’s hatchback-style in an EV SUV. Source: Hyundai

EVs had another big week in the news with Hyundai hitting all the retro feels with more photos and details about its upcoming Ioniq 5, Tesla is removing radar from cars for some weird reason while turning on driver monitoring, Rolls-Royce built a car that looks like a boat because…

The week in car news

Ford F-150 Lightning. So much sparkle! Source: Ford

If there was concern that the electrification of automobiles wouldn’t hit the mainstream, this week definitely squashed those worries. The big news is that Ford unveiled details about the electric version of its incredibly successful F-150 pickup. Then Kia took the wraps off the EV6, Lamborghini announced a plan to…

Facebook’s F8 developer conference has yielded very good news for fans of Messenger. You remember Messenger? It was the app Facebook sort of forced you to download to your phone if you wanted to have a private chat with your friends. It’s like the free U2 album of software. …

Roberto Baldwin

Automotive and tech reporter. Lead singer of @nascum. Host of Roll on YouTube.

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